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New Year, New Garden

Welcome to my diary. I will be making notes about my gardening year on a new allotment I’ve acquired in the southeastern corner of England in Kent. There will be regular posts, photographs and videos as I progress throughout the year. 

At the moment the allotment is fallow and hasn’t been worked for over a year. There are many weeds and long grass with an area of corrugated iron to the east of the plot. Once the weather improves I can start the first task of cleaning where my new shed will be erected. But for now I can but dream of things to come. 

The site measures 13m x 8m and costs £34 to rent for one year.

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  1. Love this post.

  2. Wow, there’s some work ahead of you there Sean. Exciting!!

    • Sean James Cameron

      It’s not that big when you stand there. It feels just about right. Once the weather improves I’m looking forward to starting.

  3. Is this still in Greater London? And… will you move your shed/ greenhouse/ raised beds with you?
    Also…. how big is this plot? ( Enquiring minds wish to know! LOL)

  4. Looking forward to see your progress.

  5. You certainly like a challenge! Something else to get your teeth into! I shall follow your progress on my long bus journey!

  6. My goodness this should be fun

  7. So looking forward to seeing what your plans are for the plot—-how you decide on what goes where. Best of luck with this new gardening adventure!

  8. Another year, another challenge! Looks like a very nice plot. I’ll follow your progress with great interest Sean ?

  9. That seems a lot smaller than your current plot. (?)

  10. My first plot at the allotment, which I got last year, was 13m x 7m. 2m of that length is a wildlife line around the perimeter of the site. It was very productive. I look forward to seeing the changes on your new site as the weather improves.

    • Sean James Cameron

      Sounds beautiful. There is a wooded area close by which has lots of birds and wildlife which I’m sure will visit me over time.

  11. Nothing like a blank canvas. Unworked is great in some ways. Other ways hard work but as you say the planning makes it more enjoyable. Good luck in your new venture.

  12. Looking forward to seeing what you will do with it. Where abouts in Kent?

  13. Good luck ? will be watching you

  14. This is great news!! I am looking forward to read and perhaps seen all about it, I have learn and still are a lot with your videos.
    All the best for the new year

  15. Hi Sean, that looks like an interesting new adventure. I will look forward to following the story. Good luck !

  16. Good luck and enjoy yourself . looking forward to what you do

  17. Think it will be useful to have a diary of an allotment from scratch for other new allotmenters. How far away is it from yours?

    • Sean James Cameron

      Am also going to keep a list of how much I’ve spent on seeds, tools, etc. It’s a good bus ride away, around 45 minutes.

  18. Good luck with the new plot Sean. Looking forward to your updates as always. Steve

  19. Carnt wait to see how you get on ,it seems a lot of work for you will you be doing both allotments

  20. How exciting! Can’t wait to watch your progress, all the best for 2018!

  21. Looking toward to it .I see your going to take note of the costs .That will be interesting .Good luck and very exciting ! Xx

  22. Good luck with the new project will be following with interest, I wonder if there will be another Rusty there

  23. Good luck Sean! It will be interesting how you will manage moving the raised beds to the new plot! Will your job move out of London also? Have a Happy Saturday! ?

  24. Looks like a lot of fun. I just swapped 2 small plots for one large plot and it was very exciting starting with a blank canvas and then seeing the plot take shape little by little. Can’t wait to watch you on your new journey. Good luck with the house move. Very stressful, but you’ll have your new plot to take your mind off it.

  25. Sean, my, my, my, you certainly like a challenge. Best of luck to you my cyber garden friend. Does it have a water source or is it just in nature’s hands for moisture? I’m sure you have your reasons but it seemed like to me your current allotment was just coming together nicely so you could enjoy it and not have to work so hard. I do understand the challenge of garden development as I enjoy that about as much as the actual gardening. We’ll still have a spy in the allotment with Vivi and cat care will continue with Vivi as well.

    Be well, live long and prosper.
    Nebraska Dave

    • Sean James Cameron

      It has a nearby water tank, not far to walk, but I will be having my own rain collection system. Yes they are reason, some which cannot be mentioned. Rusty comes to my house so he’ll be ok, there is a hole in the fence for him to jump through. Happy New Year!

  26. Look forward to see what you have in store on this one your videos are very interesting and really enjoyable I have 2 allotments but they are only few hundred yards away keep the good work up happy gardening Sean

  27. A new year, a new start! Will be looking forward to learn about (and from) your new adventures. Have a happy 2018 ?

  28. Looking forward to seeing what you do with your blank canvas

  29. Looks like a fun challenge! Look forward to seeing the progress!

  30. Seems a small space, 13m x 8m compared to what you hav now. Will that be enough space for your needs?

  31. Good luck with the new plot, I have a 10m x 12m plot acquired early summer this year and know it’s probably too small. Can’t wait to read about your progress as mine seems to be very slow. Happy New Year! ?

    • Sean James Cameron

      That’s a good size for vegetables, if you want to go into fruit as well then it could be a bit too small. Happy New Year.

      • Anita Castricone

        Half plots is that seems to come available in the borough of Redbridge. I will have to try and squeeze some fruit in somewhere as I would like to include a ploytunnel structure of some sorts onto the plot.

  32. allotment adventure tv

    Hi Sean

    looking forward to your new project i myself am starting with a new allotment well 2 measuring 73ft by 50ft

    good luck for 2018

  33. Good luck with the new plot Sean! Reminds me of my plot a year ago – you’ll uncover all sorts of things underneath. Look forward to following the transformation in the months to come 🙂

  34. How exciting. A new allotment project. Love the idea of ‘making a plan’ and following it. I made a plan when I got mine but kept changing it so it ended up completely different to my original. Looking forward to following progress. Happy New year x

  35. Could you not get another plot in the same allotment so you would have more room to grow? That would save greatly on travel time and lugging tools around. Happy New Year I enjoy all your videos.

  36. This plot looks like it is further away from a built-up area, so it may give you more of a feeling of "Country." It also looks to be a lot of work. Like you say, "A little bit, and often."

  37. What type of soil do you have?

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