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A Golden Opportunity: Two Become One

Today it was time to pay the allotment rent. When I arrived this morning and after a cuppa tea was consumed I was asked by a member of the committee to meet them on my plot. What could have happened I wondered? As we stood on the plot with the sunshine shining down I was informed that the allotment next to mine had become available and I was offered first refusal.

The plot starts from the concrete post on the right and ends just after the table on the left.

I gave it some serious thought and against type, I didn’t make a snap decision. I walked around the plot and though long and hard. Positive points of having the plot were pointed out and after a while I agreed. Due to the state of the plot I was given it for free for the initial year so only had to pay for one allotment. That helped my decision as you can imagine.

Standing on the path which connects the two plots.

All evening I’ve been reworking my allotment plan and think I’ve come up with something I can work with. You see on the original growing plan I hadn’t included main crop potatoes due to lack of space so now I can grow a few rows, enough to keep me self-sufficient. There is more space to grow summer cabbage, watermelons and maybe even sweet potatoes. 

The new plot comes with a little shed, enough to keep myself dry on a wet day and for storing tools. I’m now looking forward to next weekend when I can get down there and start. Time is short if I’m going to get it ready for seeds to be sown in April but if I stay focused and don’t have many tea breaks, then I’m sure I can do it. 


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  1. So you now have 3 plots to work, even though this will be merged into your original one. I wish you luck, Sean, it’s alot of work for you. But just think of the rewards. ☺️ Best wishes to you. xo Mojo xo

  2. Susan adam-nassomia

    Cant wait to see the progress love your videos good luck

  3. Wow. This is going to be a great year for you. The two new plots are in pretty good condition too! I will be following your progress with great interest (and a certain amount of envy lol). Good luck Sean ?

    • Sean James Cameron

      Hi Teresa. Yes, I wasn’t sure if it came across on the pictures or video but they are in pretty good shape and a day with the hoe and hand fork will transform the place. Looking forward to getting it into shape.

  4. Wow, what a wonderful new adventure! And such an inspiration for us beginning gardeners! Best wishes!

  5. Good luck Sean this looks like a new grand adventure!!!

  6. Carnt wait for the videos how will you have time to go to work

  7. That great news. Such a bonus.

  8. It looks great! Can’t wait to see the videos 🙂

  9. Saronne Rubyan-Ling

    I’ve also taken on an unloved plot next to mine. It opens up all kinds of possibilities for growing a wider range of crops. Very exciting!

  10. I have also recently taken over a new plot, not an additional one, however, I will be relinquishing an allotment that is lovely but much further from home. My new allotment is on a slope, there is no shade but it faces south, which means that the sandy midlands soil will warm quickly and earlier than my other plot which has shade. I need to transfer some tools and plants and I can commit to a project less than 10 minutes from where I live. Exciting times!

  11. You’re the Del Boy of the allotment world Sean. Looking forward to seeing the new plot getting a transformation. ?

  12. Brilliant! I can see 2018 being a very busy and productive year for you! Watch that back!!

  13. Wow what an offer Sean it should be a busy year for you and can’t wait to see the videos

  14. Always excited by the projects you indertake, can’t wait for this one as well!

  15. maxine /norman dodds

    great that you are so positive we are looking forward to following this new adventure sean good luck

  16. Wow! This project was meant to be…two for the price of one or BOGOF.Good for you now you can really go to town.

  17. 6 months after taking on my first plot I was offered the weedy plot next door. It felt like winning the lottery 6 months after winning the lottery ?
    I am sure you will be up and running in no time, especially as you now have a shed!

  18. It looks beautiful Sean! I’m sure you will get it in shape one step at a tie. ?

  19. see if there is a potato day near you in feb great place to pick up potatoes and some unusual variety’s what about a block of sweet corn to compare growth on both sites in face you could go 3 sisters ??

  20. Nothing to lose with the new plot being free ! Its a large area but by keeping things simple in rows and using no dig you’ll soon have it sorted.Gives you a chance to have a great compost area too !

  21. They must have faith in you which is a huge positive. Well done

  22. Wow you now run 3 plots! You might have to start selling or passing food to food banks as you will have tonnes!

  23. 2018 already starts to shine bright for you ? Maybe dedicate a whole garden to fruit and flowers ????

  24. Bet you’re glad to have adopted no dig! Get some cardboard & manure on it quick!x

  25. Sean, you are a glutton for gardening, aren’t you. That looks like a lot of space for one guy to be gardening with hand tools. Believe me I know what it takes to maintain and keep just 12 raised beds in shape. I’m hoping and praying you stay in good health with endurance and strength for the coming year. It will be interesting to see how it all develops into a thriving allotment from the state it’s in now.

    Have a great exciting day preparing the new plots for the coming year,

    Nebraska Dave

  26. How exciting!!! I would love a bit of extra land to grow things on.

  27. Lynn Joyce chacon

    So pleased for you.☺

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