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How to Grow Shallots from Sets

harvesting shallots in basket

My complete guide of how I grow shallots from sets to harvest. March: When the sets arrive place them out in front of you. Inspect them and gently press the bulbs to make sure they are firm. Remove any loose outer skins. March: Plant …

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Growing Sweet Peas – How to Grow Sweet Peas

Can be sown indoors in January and February, outdoor sowings can be done from March to April, 10cm apart or September and October in pots, in frame or unheated greenhouse for planting out the following April. SOWING Come back later in the year when …

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Growing Potatoes – Start Chitting Potatoes

Greenhouse in Spring

During February and March you’ll hear many gardeners talk about ‘chitting’ potatoes, but what exactly is it and does it help? WHAT IS CHITTING? Chitting is a process of creating little shoots on the potatoes, where you’ll find their ‘eyes’. HOW TO CHIT? Traditionally …

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Dealing with Fruit when not ready to plant

My fruit order arrived late last night unexpectedly. The place where I plan to grow it still need to be developed so for the time being I’ll “heal them in”. What is meant by “heal them in”? This phrase simply means putting your plants …

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Growing Roses – Planting Bare-Rooted Roses

bare-rooted roses

Next year I’m looking forward to scented roses filling the air during Summer. The varieties I’ve chosen are Dame Judi Dench and Munstead Wood. Dame Judi Dench, named after the popular actress of stage and screen, is described as “A beautiful rose; the blooms …

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How to use Bonfire Ash

Bonfire event in November

Once the excitement of the annual bonfire is over what do you do with the ash. Allow it to cool down until its cold then scoop into a metal bucket making sure you remove any pieces of metal (nuts/bolts) which may be hiding. Scatter …

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Using leaves to make free compost

Autumn leaves

At this time of year there is an abundance of leaves falling from trees that make for excellent leaf mould compost. You can create your own for use on the garden as either a mulch or for bulking up raised beds. Every year you …

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Help Hedgehogs Survive the Winter

Since the 1950’s the number of hedgehogs in the UK has fallen by over 37%! As part of their nationwide campaign, Hedgehog Street have released an interactive map showing where in the UK both live and dead hedgehogs have been found. Next week sees …

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Planting Spring Bulbs


As the evening light fades earlier and earlier, nothing warms the heart more than thinking of spring and the first splash of colour. Now is the time to be planting spring bulbs such as daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, grape hyacinths and crocus. Even if you’ve …

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