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7 Ways to Jump the Allotment Waiting List

It can be frustrating to be on a waiting list for an allotment, waiting year after year to fulfill your dreams of growing your own food. In some parts of London you can wait 25 years! The UK average is around 4 years. Here …

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My sunflower is facing the wrong way!


On my Facebook group, facebook.com/groups/amateurgardener, James asked: My sunflower is about 6ft tall. The only problem is it’s facing away from the viewing point and out over the neighbours gardens. How can I turn it??? Michele from New Jersey responded with the correct reply: Sunflowers follow the …

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Final sowing of Vegetables this summer

With most gardeners busy collecting harvests you would be forgiven in thinking that the growing season was over. There are still a few vegetables which you can sow in September and here I’ve compiled a list of plants which can be sown. Remember, sowing …

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What are the White Spots on Potatoes?

When gathering your potato harvest you may notice little white spots covering the spuds. The common misconception is that blight has effected the crop and I’ve heard of some gardeners throwing these spuds away, but what a waste of a crop. The little white …

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On the Ledge #1: All About Terrariums

In the last decade, miniature worlds under glass have gone from zero to hero: time was when a terrarium was a dusty bottle on your nan’s nicknack table – now you see them everywhere, from coffee shops to office reception desks. In this very …

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When should I stop harvesting rhubarb?


On my Facebook group, facebook.com/groups/amateurgardener, Catherine asked: “I was wondering (and hankering for some rhubarb crumble) when should I stop harvesting. The plants still have loads of stalks but I have heard that after a certain point the stalks become poisonous and can’t be …

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When and how to water more efficiently

Charles Dowding watering his garden in Somerset

No-dig expert Charles Dowding explores when and how to water more efficiently: seedlings, undercover plants, different vegetables and according to the stage of growth. Filmed at Homeacres July 2017 after a long dry spell – after which it rained a lot! Filmed, edited by …

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How to Grow Shallots from Sets

harvesting shallots in basket

My complete guide of how I grow shallots from sets to harvest. March: When the sets arrive place them out in front of you. Inspect them and gently press the bulbs to make sure they are firm. Remove any loose outer skins. March: Plant …

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