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Readers’ Emails

My sunflower is facing the wrong way!


On my Facebook group, facebook.com/groups/amateurgardener, James asked: My sunflower is about 6ft tall. The only problem is it’s facing away from the viewing point and out over the neighbours gardens. How can I turn it??? Michele from New Jersey responded with the correct reply: Sunflowers follow the …

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What are the White Spots on Potatoes?

When gathering your potato harvest you may notice little white spots covering the spuds. The common misconception is that blight has effected the crop and I’ve heard of some gardeners throwing these spuds away, but what a waste of a crop. The little white …

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When should I stop harvesting rhubarb?


On my Facebook group, facebook.com/groups/amateurgardener, Catherine asked: “I was wondering (and hankering for some rhubarb crumble) when should I stop harvesting. The plants still have loads of stalks but I have heard that after a certain point the stalks become poisonous and can’t be …

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