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FAQs: Moving Allotments

WILL YOU BE TAKING THE GREENHOUSE? Yes. WILL YOU BE TAKING THE SHED? Not sure yet. WILL YOU BE TAKING RUSTY WITH YOU? No. Rusty lived in one of the houses behind my allotment. Over the past few months I’ve been training him to …

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My Allotment: The Rusty Allotment

WHERE IS YOUR ALLOTMENT GARDEN? South London, United Kingdom HOW LONG HAVE YOU HAD IT? October 7, 2007 I took ownership on my allotment. I’ve changed the design of it over many years. I believe that you need to listen to the space and …

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Equipment & Making Videos

WHY DID YOU START MAKING VIDEOS? I started videos because I kept forgetting what I was planting on the allotment so I filmed it as a journal, it then developed from there. WHAT SOFTWARE DO YOU USE TO EDIT THE VIDEOS? Final Cut Pro …

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WHAT IS YOUR JOB? I work in the television and film industry, starting in my teens working on music videos. Since then I’ve moved between movies, television productions and online. WHAT SHOWS HAVE YOU WORKED ON? Coronation Street (ITV), A Question of Sport (BBC), …

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Rusty the Allotment Cat

WHERE DOES RUSTY LIVE? Rusty lives in one of the houses surrounding the allotments. HOW-OLD-IS-RUSTY? I don’t know. He arrived on the allotments as a kitten around 2012. DO YOU HAVE A PICTURE OF RUSTY AS A KITTEN? This is the earliest video that …

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