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Spring into Summer with Charles Dowding

Using a greenhouse to raise plants, sown mid February, and fleece to protect them after planting in mid March. The video is narrated 22nd June with flashbacks to planting method/spacing, and harvests already taken. By July, except for parsnips, all these plantings are harvested, …

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Ways to reduce pest damage by understanding pests

Keep pests off your plants with covers of mesh, fleece and netting of different mesh size. I show some crops which may need protection. Healthy plants attract less pests: I suggest ways of increasing health such as sowing at the most favourable time, according …

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Charles Dowding Winter Garden Tour

Temperate oceanic climate, 30 miles from the Atlantic at 51N, low light levels. Average 55 frosts per winter of -1 to -8C (30-18F); these leaf-producing plants survive most winters, when sown early autumn as in the video. The parsnips (sown March) survive much frost …

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