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How to Grow Vegetables

Growing Parsnips – How to Grow Parsnips

Once you get them to germinate, parsnips are quite easy to look after as they require very little attention. Always use fresh seeds as they are difficult to germinate. They do however take up space for a long period of time. VARIETIES Gladiator: The …

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Growing Celtuce – How to Grow Celtuce

Also known as stem lettuce, celery lettuce and asparagus lettuce. Sow outside and transplant to 30cm. Cut the first leaves after 4 to 5 weeks for use in salads. Stems are ready when 30cm tall. Space 30cm x 30cm. This vegetable has a high …

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Growing Leaf Beet – How to Grow Leaf Beet

Sow 2.5cm deep and thin out when seedlings are large enough in April and again in July. Pull leaves from outside of plant. Can also be sown during August and September for an autumn crop if grown under cloches or protection.

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Growing Peas – How to Grow Peas

Sow seed in a flat bottomed drill, 15cm x 5cm apart at a depth of 5cm. Make sowings every 2 weeks for a longer harvest period. Some varieties will require support such as bamboo canes or twigs.

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Growing Celeriac – How to Grow Celeriac

Sow in a temperature of 18*c. Plant out in soil rich in organic matter and mulch well. Towards the end of the summer remove a few of the lower leaves to expose the bulb to the light. Can be lifted as and when required …

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Growing Chives – How to Grow Chives

A perennial so sow every two years in order to keep the flavour from diminishing. Sow in pots indoors or outdoors in shallow drills. The seed prefers moist fertile soil in partial shade. When harvesting don’t cut lower than 6cm.

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