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Wartime Kitchen Garden – Dig for Victory!

During Winter 2017 I decided to take on a second allotment. This is a traditional plot in the sense of its size, a little over a 10-rod plot, enough to be very near self-sufficient. When I’ve got it ready for planting the intention is to give up Plot 1 in favour of this new full-size plot. Follow my journey through my blogs below. One thing I’m interested in is to grow seeds which would have been around during the Dig for Victory campaign in the 1940s.

Back to square one

I visited the allotment this evening and wasn’t surprised with what I saw. It’s been a fair while since I’ve been there. During the past few weeks I’ve been in-and-out of hospital trying to get to the bottom of the pain in my stomach, just under my left ribs. All …

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All systems go!

After meeting the allotment superintendent the deal was done. A 10-rod plot, as instructed by the government “will keep a family of five in vegetables for 8 months of the year”, cost me 16 shillings and 3 pence which is just under £60 in new money. I must write to …

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Digging for Victory!

“Meet me at the allotment gates on Sunday at 11am.” – email from the site secretary Sunday arrived and despite a weather forecast consisting of rain and wind, I was greeted with blue skies and gentle breeze as I arrived at the locked allotments gate. Behind them lay a new …

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