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Redevelopment Autumn 2016

Redevelopment. 9 – Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes video of building the new-look Sean’s Allotment Garden. Check out the Woodblocx video at http://thehortchannel.com/2016/10/14/new-raised-kitchen-garden-ep80-year-4/ Sign up to their newsletter at https://www.woodblocx.co.uk/e-newsletter

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Redevelopment. 7 – Change of Plan

**RAW FOOTAGE** Graham came to visit the plot on Saturday morning and his expert view was that the plot wasn’t level, so all weekend I’ve spent turning over the entire plot and doing, as Graham would say, “a proper job”. Am now exhausted! Not …

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Redevelopment. 5 – More Levelling

**RAW FOOTAGE**  Wasn’t feeling up to gardening or making a video this week, so just switched it on and left it running as the work of levelling the plot continues. Note: There is no talking in this video, so feel free to pass by.

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Redevelopment. 1 – Removing Rubbish

Until the longer main videos of Sean’s Allotment Garden return in late Winter (February 2017), I’ll be doing ‘raw footage’ style videos just to keep you on track with the progress behind-the-scenes.

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