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Sean’s Kitchen Garden

June, 2017

  • 3 June

    Planting Cucurbits & Celeriac #254

    The greenhouse is starting to look empty as I plant the cucurbits (cucumber, courgettes, melons, squash) into their final growing positions in the garden along with the celeriac; plus a tip when growing onions.

May, 2017

April, 2017

  • 30 April

    Heating the Greenhouse & Planting Out #246

    This week we have a really hard frost, hopefully the last of the season, so I was busy making sure the greenhouse kept above freezing in order to protect all the seedlings I’ve got. I also meet up with Tamara on her plot, this …

  • 23 April

    Frost, Spinach, Savoy Cababges #245

    A hard frost arrived this week so there was a need to cover tender crops including my potatoes, but with no fleece at hand I had to use something else. In the greenhouse the Savoy Cabbages are transplanted and the first sowing of Spinach …