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The Rusty Allotment

Diary updates about gardening life.

Sundays and Bonfires

Vivi's shed with lanterns and lights around the door

What a long but productive day of relaxation. Vivi called in on her way to the allotments around 10:30am. She mentioned she was on the lookout for leaves to make leaf mould compost. I just happened to have several tons of leaves already bagged …

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Parsnips, Sharks and Squash

From windy days to a hot weekend on the allotment. Today I harvested a parsnip, apples, winter squash and looked at the shark fin melon which has regrown, plus seasonal care for the celeriac.

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Fighting the Thicket

It was an early start for the first day of Autumn. On the plot by 10am for the site committee meeting. The usual discussions surrounding who’s not attending to their plot, who’s path needs redefining and what soup are we making for the annual …

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246: Heating the Greenhouse & Planting Out

This week we have a really hard frost, hopefully the last of the season, so I was busy making sure the greenhouse kept above freezing in order to protect all the seedlings I’ve got. I also meet up with Tamara on her plot, this …

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Frost, Spinach, Savoy Cababges

A hard frost arrived this week so there was a need to cover tender crops including my potatoes, but with no fleece at hand I had to use something else. In the greenhouse the Savoy Cabbages are transplanted and the first sowing of Spinach …

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