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Dig for Victory: What was the Dig for Victory campaign?

Within a month of World War II being announced the British government launched the ‘Dig for Victory’ campaign.

UK residents were encouraged to grow their own food. For those with gardens, flowers were dug up and vegetables took their place. For those without gardens the call to take up an allotment was made throughout the land.

Allotments became so popular that they sprung up in the most unlikely of places. The moat at the Tower of London was turned into allotment, so was the vast grounds of Greenwich Park and land surrounding the Houses of Parliament. By 1943 official figures show that over a million tons of food was being produced by everyday people.

The Ministry of Agriculture issued a set of monthly leaflets with practical gardening advice on growing vegetables. It’s these leaflets that I will be following as I turn this allotment into an authentic Dig for Victory plot. Take a look at my allotment by clicking here.

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Based in London, Sean has been gardening since being a teenager. Although vegetables and fruit is the main passion, there is also room for flowers.

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