Digging for Victory!

“Meet me at the allotment gates on Sunday at 11am.”
– email from the site secretary

Sunday arrived and despite a weather forecast consisting of rain and wind, I was greeted with blue skies and gentle breeze as I arrived at the locked allotments gate.

Behind them lay a new adventure beyond the muddy lane before me. A few minutes after the scheduled 11 o’clock start a wellington booted figure emerged down the lane towards the gate. With paperwork and map in one hand and a bunch of keys in another, I guessed this was the site secretary, I was right.

I was shown two plots which were available. The first one lay in the corner of the site. It was a quiet corner surrounding by tall trees. A small plot but no shed.

Although I liked the idea of being tucked away in a quiet section, the trees made me wonder how much shadow would they cast during the height of summer and how much water would their roots suck from my crops.

The second plot is located in the heart of the site, open to all the elements and sunshine. Just behind the shed is a wildlife pond which could come in handy, especially if it has frogs. They would be more than welcomed to hop onto this plot for a meal of slugs.

It was a large plot. The size you would have taken on during the ‘Dig for Victory’ campaign. A proper sized plot. Although uncared for during the previous winter, it didn’t look that bad. A much better state-of-affairs when compared with the first plot I was shown.

It has an old shed on it, a little seat and lots of potential. I walked around it a few times taking pictures and revisited the first plot I’d seen to make sure.

On meeting the secretary at the gate I informed her which plot I’d like and she instructed me that I’d have to put in an official offer.

Within minutes of getting home I was online and emailing an official offer. I’m now waiting to find out the final cost of the rent and when I can officially take ownership of this new plot of land.

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