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Family pick roadside daffodils – police involved

An outraged dad has slammed a police officer who confiscated a handful of daffodils from his daughters after they picked them from the roadside for Mother’s Day.

David Taylor had been visiting his mum in Mansfield when he and his daughters decided to pick the flowers in the “spur of the moment”.

He says he understands why the cop who caught him and his daughters Rosemary, ten, and Emily, five, in the act “told [them] off”, but insisted it should have been handled differently.

Police said the cop had spoken to the family about picking the flowers and ended up taking the bunch of 27 daffodils to a local care home so they wouldn’t go to waste.

Taylor told the Nottingham Post he had instructed his daughters not to pick “too many” flowers, adding they were on their way back to the family car with a “handful” when a police officer interrupted them.

He explained: “I said I understood where she was coming from, but there are hundreds by the side of the road down there.”

David, from Nottingham, said the police officer took the flowers from his daughters, which made them upset and made him feel as if they had been “criminalised”.

Outraged, he decided to film the exchange.

He said: “I have always taught my girls to respect the laws and for the sake of picking flowers I now have to explain to my kids that what they did was wrong. She gave me a telling off, which I understand, but the flowers had already been picked so I don’t see why she had to take them from the girls. It has ruined Mother’s Day.”

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  1. Well 27 was hardly a few!!

  2. I looked out my window one day to see a man woman and two girls picking my daffodils from the curb of my house…I had spent he better part of two weeks and had planted over a hundred and sixty during the winter and was looking forward to the bloom…if it aint yours don’t pick it. Someone had to have planted them.

  3. I feel it was a bit heavy handed and she could have just told them not to pick daffodils from there in future.

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