First Video and Seeds

The first in a new playlist of videos following my journey as I take on an old allotment and rebuild it using the leaflets and information distributed during the 1940s as part of the Dig for Victory campaign.

The job of cleaning the site and sowing the first seeds, Broad Beans, has started.

Today I sowed the first of the seeds for the wartime allotment. The varieties are Crimson Flowered and Mr Bunyard’s Exhibition.

Interesting to note that Mr Bunyard’s Exhibition, although currently known as Bunyard’s Exhibition, is still available in the seed catalogues which just goes to show how good the plant is to have stood-up to the test of time.

Crimson Flowered is a 4ft tall plant which produced bright red/scarlet flowers which have a slight scent to them.

Both packets are sown as modern varieties are. To save compost and pots I’ve sowed two seeds per square pot at either end of the corners. When it comes to planting out I can simply brake the seedlings apart when putting into their final positions. They will stay in the greenhouse until it is time to plant them outside which will be at the end of May.

Now the race has began to get the plot turned over and ready for these first sowings.

Check out the Growing Guides for Broad Beans:

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