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BBC Garden Rescue with Charlie Dimmock and The Rich Brothers

Garden Rescue

This month the BBC screened their newest gardening show. Garden Rescue is broadcast weekday afternoons on BBC 1.

Presented by Charlie Dimmock of Ground Force fame, she is teamed up with the award-winning designer duo the Rich Brothers, Harry and David.

During the 40 minute programme, Charlie and the Rich brothers compete to design gardens for homeowners. The owners, who are using their own money, get to pick which design they prefer with the losing designer giving a helping hand with the final build. Throughout the 20-part series budgets range from £1,300 to £2,000.

It’s great to see Charlie Dimmock back on mainstream TV, her enthusiasm shines through but this is not a rehash of Ground Force. With the casting of the Rich Brothers, in their first television series, this is the perfect combination to encourage new gardeners and add a fresh modern eye to how a garden can be designed, without breaking the bank.

The series captures the fun of gardening and especially TV gardening. Charlie Dimmock and the Rich Brothers have a wonderful and playful dynamic – there is eye candy for everyone. The series deserved a better time slot in the schedule rather than stuck at mid-afternoon but spread over a number of months rather than a splurge of 20 episodes in a few weeks.

Garden Rescue has breathed life back into the garden make-over genre and we are already looking forward to a second series and DVD launch. It’s simply great and TV gardening at its best. We need to see more of Charlie Dimmock and the Rich Brothers on our television screens.

The Rich Brothers can be found on twitter (www.twitter.com/therichbrothers), on facebook (www.facebook.com/richlandscape), on instagram (www.instagram.com/therichbrothers) and their website, www.richlandscapes.net.

Back in 2012, we first interviewed The Rich Brothers at their show garden, part of BBC Gardeners’ World Live in Birmingham.

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