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Gardening by the Moon Project

During 2018 I’m going to explore whether there is a difference when sowing and planting in accordance to the phases of the moon. For this project I’ve taken on a new allotment about 30 minutes from my home.

The plot measures 13m x 8m and is currently overgrown with a little area to the West which once housed a shed and patio area. A full site inspection will be done once Christmas is over, at the moment I can see a few pieces of old corrugated iron sheets which need to be removed but on first sight, it looks a decent area of level land.

Here are a few pictures of how it looks today:

December 2017. An overview of the allotment.

December 2017. The plot begins at the corrugated iron sheets.

December 2017. Looking from the corrugated iron sheets towards the patio.

December 2017. Looking from the North side of the patio area.

December 2017. Looking from the centre of the patio.

December 2017. Looking from the South side of the patio area.

December 2017. The patio area.

December 2017

Before leaving I erected the timelapse camera. The camera will take one picture every day at the same time. Am hoping to get a video which shown how the plot changed from overgrown plot to productive patch of earth.

About Sean James Cameron

Based in London, Sean has been gardening since being a teenager. Although vegetables and fruit is the main passion, there is also room for flowers.

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  1. Sean, well, good luck with this one. I’m hoping things work out better than the last couple allotment experiences. It’s good that you keep trying …. I guess. Will you be using your plastic sheet on this one?

    We have finally slipped into the Winter season here in Nebraska. The temps will be 10F (-12F) at night and about 25F (-4C) for the high during the days for the next week. Today it started with rain, then freezing rain, then snow. The worst of combinations ever. This is not unusual for this time of the year in Nebraska. We just might end up having a white Christmas. I did get my garage cleaned out today just in time to put my vehicle inside out of the weather.

    Have a great Christmas my London cyber gardening friend.

    Nebraska Dave

    • Sean James Cameron

      Looking forward to a few days of dry weather as the ground is so wet at the moment. It’s a nice size and the site has some lovely people on it.

  2. Will you have a shed? Just wondering if the phases of the moon and the wartime garden could be combined.? I have enjoyed the videos ypou had posted previously on the wartime gardening. Looks like a nice piece of ground. Good luck!

    • Sean James Cameron

      Yes I already have the wartime seeds so will be using them, double project. A new shed is on the cards once the pennies are saved. Wait until you see the videos, there is a train track at shoulder level running past.

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