Growing Calabrese / Broccoli – How to Grow Calabrese / Broccoli

This is how I grew my calabrese / broccoli and very nice it tasted as well.

Sowed January 2 in an unheated greenhouse. Transplanted March 19 into individual pots. Planted outside April 30. First harvest June 18, final harvest June 22.

The harvests were quite close together so a point to remember for next year is to sow small batches but 3 weeks apart so the harvest lasts over a longer period of time.

January: Seed sown, two per station then remove the weakest seedling.

March: Transplant into individual pots, keeping them in the greenhouse.

End of April/Beginning of May: Plant in their final growing positions in the open ground.

June: Harvest and enjoy.

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About the Author: Sean James Cameron

Based in London, Sean has been gardening since being a teenager. Although vegetables and fruit is the main passion, there is also room for flowers.

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