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Growing Potatoes in Pots for Early Harvest

Dan started potting up some first early potatoes in early February:

“Trying to get a really early harvest of potatoes by planting early into small pots and then growing on in a frost free greenhouse or polytunnel. I use 2 seed potatoes in a 15 litre pot and plant about 3″ from the bottom, then fill the pot up to the top with compost. Leave in relative warmth until the first shoots appear and then place in a frost free greenhouse or polytunnel and harvest in around 100 days.”

March 16
Harvesting the potatoes that have been growing in small 10 litre pots for just 90 days in the Greenhouse. After 80 days I got 1.8 lb crop, so has the extra 10 days made a difference to the quantity? Again these were grown in a 12 litre pot filled to about 10 litres with compost and just a little organic fertilizer added.

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