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How to make Elderflower Cordial

4kg Sugar (Granulated White)
4ltr Water
60 Elderflower Heads
6 Lemons
50g Citric Acid

  1. In a large pan, place the elderflowers with their heads facing down and cover with slices of lemon.

  2. In a second pan add the water, sugar and citric acid together. With a gentle heat stir all the time, making sure that all the sugar dissolves.

  3. Pour the dissolved sugar water gently over the lemons and elderflowers.

  4. Cover and leave for 3 to 4 days.

  5. Pour into sterilised bottles, and enjoy chilled.

Based on a recipe by fellow gardener Tamara, London.

About Sean James Cameron

Based in London, Sean has been gardening since being a teenager. Although vegetables and fruit is the main passion, there is also room for flowers.

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