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5. Making a start by the shed

Late afternoon and I make a start clearing the area by the shed. There are a number of pallets but they are so old they fall apart as soon as I touch them. As I move old plastic bags I’m discovering lots of wildlife, newts and frogs, and little baby frogs as well. So today all I’ll do is just remove the rubbish and pile it at the bottom of the allotment. The wood can be burnt but I’ll have to see if anyone on the site wants the old window frames.

It wasn’t much but it was enjoyable to just quietly work and listen to the sounds of nature plus I was visited by a robin who stayed around a while to see what was going on.

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  1. Sean, looks to me like a lot of cleanup before you can get started with the layout of the gardens. It will be interesting to what it develop into a wartime kitchen garden. There’s really good video series on YouTube about the war time life. Several folks actually live like the people did during the war time. It was filming over the course of an entire year. It was fascinating to see what kinds of hardship British folks had to endure during World War II. Every one was required to have big gardens but didn’t get to keep but a small portion of the harvest. Most of the harvest when to feeding the soldiers in the war. Those were really tough times for the Brits but then again the Brits are a tough breed for sure.

    Have a great day on the War Time Kitchen Garden allotment. I’ll be watching for the next post.

    Nebraska Dave

  2. hi Sean i’m looking forward to any videos that you do on this plot as i have applied for an allotment. So i’m going to watch and learn. but looking at your plot it looks a little scary, but like you said a bit at a time and just keep going. Exciting stuff though. love all the videos . i have grown from seed my flowers every year for while now, this is my first year with veg at home in the greenhouse and garden . i’m hooked now.

    • Sean James Cameron

      Hi. I haven’t been there much over the past month. I need to find some time this weekend. Will do a vlog or at least a diary entry.

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