New Year, New Project

Before I started work in the TV and film industry, I worked as an Occupational Therapy Assistant at a hospital in Wales. The average age of the patients meant that there was a lot of talk surrounding the Second World War, the music of the era, the radio shows Gert & Daisy and the Dig for Victory campaign.

I’ve always been interested in taking the leaflets from the Dig for Victory campaign and recreating an allotment based on their information and plan. Now that my allotment is covered in raised beds it’s not long possible.

A few months ago I contacted my local authority and requested that my name be added to the allotment waiting list for a 10-rod plot. According to the information of the 40s it states:

“A ten-rod plot will keep a family of 5 in vegetables for 8 months of the year.”

I now wait to hear where I am on the waiting list. Keep an eye out for a new playlist on my YouTube channel, in the meantime – video will all be marked ‘Wartime Kitchen Garden’ to make it easier for you to find them.

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