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Peter Thoday remembers The Victorian Kitchen Garden


An exclusive interview with Peter Thoday, presenter and narrator of the successful 1980’s television series The Victorian Kitchen Garden, The Victorian Flower Garden, The Victorian Kitchen and The Wartime Kitchen & Garden. Peter talks about his time filming the series and recalls memories of Harry Dodson and Ruth Mott.

About Sean James Cameron

Based in London, Sean has been gardening since being a teenager. Although vegetables and fruit is the main passion, there is also room for flowers.

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  • Graham’s Kitchen Garden

    Just excellent, I have been waiting for some time for this wonderful interview and it did not disappoint at all. It brought back all the memories I have of the great ‘Victorian Kitchen Garden’. Peter is 82 years old, but still has that enthusiasm for gardening, just a treat to listen to. Well done Sean, I know you had to work to get this interview but is was really worth waiting for. Thank you for sharing. Graham

  • Sara Jones

    I loved these programmes and just listening to this interview and Peter’s voice reminds me so much of them. I have the books and videos, unfortunately my video player died but i will always remember them

  • Debbie Martin

    Loved all the programs. Total fan of Ruth Mott and all the cast. Loved the wartime and Victorian garden series.Nothing like this on TV now.

  • Erica Jordan

    Really excited about this project and it’s not just an age thing!

  • Julie Van Parys-Rotondi

    Being born in France in the 1970s, I had never heard of the series until I stumbled upon some episodes on YouTube a few years ago and became a total fan. Thank you so much for sharing this interview with us.

  • Amy

    Like others, I didn’t know about this show until youtube and your channel introduced me to them. I devoured the Wartime Kitchen Garden and just loved learning the history of the goals and challenges and outcomes of cooking with the produce. I will enjoy every bit of information and interviewing that you collect and thank you for providing great content across a broad audience based platform. I think it’s a giant gift that you have and a gift to humanity to connect gardening between historical reference and present day goals in the garden. Your appreciation for the older tried and true methods and helping to maintain the knowledge by passing it down and broadening the audience will not go unnoticed. Thanks Sean and I really loved these show series so much. They are very special and feel like sitting with family and learning how history was for individuals of a very relatable socio-economic level.