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Remembering Geoff Hamilton

Geoff-Ornamental-Kitchen-gardenToday marks the 20th anniversary since the death of Geoff Hamilton, one of the best gardening presenters in recent decades.

Geoff had a relaxed manner and made gardening accessible and encouraged everyone to “have a go”. If a few pennies could be saved Geoff was the first to point out an alternative. His passion for plants and the environment shone through and a whole generation of gardeners have him to thank for his encouragement and upbeat attitude. It was a pleasure to put the tools down and go inside to watch the latest episode of Gardeners’ World with Geoff as main presenter. A moto we use at The Horticultural Channel came from the ethos that Geoff portrayed, “the plants are the stars of the show, not the presenters.”

Gardeners’ World on BBC 2 has never been the same since and we hope that during the 50th anniversary in 2017, the BBC pay due attention to the huge contribution made to gardening by Geoff Hamilton.

Geoff Hamilton, 15 August 1936 – 4 August 1996.

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