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RHS Vegetables for the Gourmet Gardener

Ever thought of eating your Dahlia tubers or adding some Daylily to your stir-fry? Fancy growing Skirret? No idea what it is?

Many people might be surprised to know flowers that they actively plant and care for year round are good for more than just staring at. There are a wide range of floral blossoms, from Begonias to Busy Lizzie’s that can be added to salads as a colourful and elegant garnish, added to soups and stews and even just nibbled on their own as a ‘hippie’ snack.

The RHS Vegetables for the Gourmet Gardener is a trusted tome with all the answers; presented with beautiful watercolour and botanical illustrations the book gives each vegetable their own listing covering common names, climate, origin, history of the plant, cultivation notes, nutritional information, classic recipes, storage and preparation.

There are also mini-chapters such as Composting, Sowing Techniques, Crop Rotation and Extending the Season – there is even a guide to make ‘the perfect roast potato’.

It’s a book which will often be referenced for its insightful information as well as to appreciate the stunning illustrations. The perfect gift for green fingered family members, whatever time of year it is.

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  • Graham’s Kitchen Garden

    Amazing book – I did not know just how many flowers you could eat – you could make a meal out of just flowers! thanks for sharing Sean