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Sit Back and Relax

This week I was interviewed on BBC Radio Five Live about a report which hit the news regarding the health benefits of allotment gardening.

Westminster and Essex universities conducted a survey of 269 people and split the group into those who did some gardening and those who didn’t. Their results found that spending only half-an-hour each week gardening on an allotment helped improve self-esteem, mood and weight loss.

“Allotment gardening might play an important role in promoting mental well-being in people residing in urban areas.” said Dr Carly Wood, co-author from the University of Essex.

Professor John Ashton, President of the UK Faculty of Public Health, remarked: “We need a strategy that considers how we could make better use of neglected land that marks the transition from towns to cities.”

As gardeners we’ve all known this for year. There is nothing better than opening the garden gate and walking through, leaving all your troubles and stress behind you. Getting your hands deep into the dirty and feeling relaxed.

It maybe late Autumn but there is still a joy in gardening. Watching the leaves turn to golden brown and gently fall to the ground upon which we then use for leaf mould compost.

Take some time this weekend and just sit back with a mug of tea and enjoy the garden and the life within in.

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