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Cabbage Pie

You will need: 315g Mushrooms, 850g Cabbage, 400g Tomatoes (1 can), 1 Onion, Dill and Puff Pastry. In a saucepan add a little water and cooking oil and put on a gentle heat and add the cabbage and onion. Cook for 10 mins to …

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Protect yourself against Allium Leaf Miner

My leeks are looking beautiful at the moment. All standing straight like a line of Welsh soldiers waiting to be deployed to service in the kitchen. This time last year the scene was very different. All season they were doing well until mid-September. It …

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Growing Onions

I lifted my onion crop a few weeks ago but there is no time to sit back and admire the harvest. Late September I’ll be planting onion sets which I’ll be cropping next year. When the foliage turns yellow and droops over, this is …

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