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When should I stop harvesting rhubarb?


On my Facebook group,, Catherine asked: “I was wondering (and hankering for some rhubarb crumble) when should I stop harvesting. The plants still have loads of stalks but I have heard that after a certain point the stalks become poisonous and can’t be …

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Growing Rhubarb – How to Grow Rhubarb

The first few sticks of rhubarb in late Spring are beautiful. Look after your plant and it will look after you with bountiful harvests throughout the summer and can be stored for use throughout winter. Very easy to grow. VARIETIES Victoria: An easy-to-grow old …

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Why does Rhubarb grow a flower head?

Although we prominently use rhubarb in desserts and cordials, it is actually classed as a vegetable. Every Autumn I dispose of the compost from hanging baskets and pots over the rhubarb crown with a few handfuls of chicken manure pellets. Rhubarb is a hungry …

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How to Freeze Rhubarb

Unless I can use the rhubarb straight from the garden, I tend to freeze it for later. It’s a simple and easy process and there are many ways to do this but here is my way

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Making rhubarb crumble cake

The rhubarb harvest has started! INGREDIENTS 25g butter 25g demerara sugar 50g plain flour 100g butter 100g caster sugar 100g self-raising flour 300g rhubarb 2 eggs 1 drop vanilla essence 1 tbsp demerara sugar

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