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When and how to water more efficiently

Charles Dowding watering his garden in Somerset

No-dig expert Charles Dowding explores when and how to water more efficiently: seedlings, undercover plants, different vegetables and according to the stage of growth. Filmed at Homeacres July 2017 after a long dry spell – after which it rained a lot! Filmed, edited by …

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Ways to reduce pest damage by understanding pests

Keep pests off your plants with covers of mesh, fleece and netting of different mesh size. I show some crops which may need protection. Healthy plants attract less pests: I suggest ways of increasing health such as sowing at the most favourable time, according …

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Gardening without digging is the way forward

I left the hustle and bustle of London and headed to the quiet countryside of Somerset. After enjoying an evening meal and restful night at The Manor House in the beautiful village of Ditcheat, I headed off to visit Charles Dowding. Over the past …

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Charles Dowding Winter Garden Tour

Temperate oceanic climate, 30 miles from the Atlantic at 51N, low light levels. Average 55 frosts per winter of -1 to -8C (30-18F); these leaf-producing plants survive most winters, when sown early autumn as in the video. The parsnips (sown March) survive much frost …

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Amateur Gardener: May #5

Claire and Kris are very busy in the garden and on the allotment with flowers and vegetables. Jonathan makes a wild salad and we visit The Grow Your Own Show.

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