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Growing Potatoes in Pots for Early Harvest

Dan started potting up some first early potatoes in early February: “Trying to get a really early harvest of potatoes by planting early into small pots and then growing on in a frost free greenhouse or polytunnel. I use 2 seed potatoes in a 15 litre pot and plant about …

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Planting first early Potatoes

Today is a New Moon day which is good for crops that grow below ground, eg: potatoes, carrots, swede, etc. I planted 2 rows of early potatoes, v. Duke of York, in one of the raised beds. Yes it is early and I wouldn’t normally plant outside this early, but …

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Chitting Potatoes Explained

During February and March you’ll hear many gardeners talk about ‘chitting’ potatoes, but what exactly is it and does it help? WHAT IS CHITTING? Chitting is a process of creating little shoots on the potatoes, where you’ll find their ‘eyes’. HOW TO CHIT? Traditionally gardeners use old egg boxes. They …

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The Allotment in January

The second month of Winter in recent years has been quite mild, weather wise. Maintenance tasks continue, tools are fixed, fences are repaired and winter projects are completed. Some crops can be sown now but if you haven’t got the luxury of a heated greenhouse, these can be kept until …

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