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Unexpected Boxing Day Weeding

Bright blue sky and sunshine greeted me as I flung open the curtains on Boxing Day morning. The park opposite my house was quite busy with families and people taking their time as they walked and enjoyed the good weather. Many a new bike could be seen with children falling off them left-right-and-centre.

I visited my raised bed allotment where Rusty greeted me with a Christmas carol on his lips – The First Meow. Once food had been served for him and tea drunk by myself I felt the itch to start some gentle weeding.

Some of the raised beds needed a going over so on it was on with the gloves and after ten minutes finding the trowel I switched on the radio and quickly becoming lost in my own thoughts. Within a few hours all the beds were clean from weeds.

Only one other plot holder was on site so once our work was complete we met up in the communal shed to exchange Christmas greetings over a mug of pipping hot Yorkshire tea, ok, maybe a biscuit or two as well, it is Christmas 😉

Boxing Day is traditionally when onion seeds are sown if you want to exhibit in late Summer. Am not sure if this tradition is to give the onions a long period of time to grow or just an excuse for the male of the house, traditionally they were the gardener, to escape the family and retreat into his shed for some peace and quiet.

Over the coming days I’ll spend my quite time planning where the crops will be planted in the new growing seasons.

About Sean James Cameron

Based in London, Sean has been gardening since being a teenager. Although vegetables and fruit is the main passion, there is also room for flowers.

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  1. I was wondering, did you choose to have a raised bed allotment because of your bad back or was it for another reason? I’d imagine it’s a lot less strain not having to stoop to low when weeding, but are there any drawbacks?

    Merry Christmas & Blessed Yule, Marie

  2. I read it as ‘Unexpected Boxing Day Wedding’ which took me a bit by surprise until I changed my glasses.

    Weeding preferable I think; with the recent mild spell the weeds are still growing. I was at the allotment for a while dealing with the hens; no-one else showed up apart from Alison. A bit sticky underfoot but the raised beds help, with woodchip on the footpaths.

  3. I imagine clearing the weeds and readying the beds has got to get the wheels turning over planning for next year. It won’t be all that long til the beds are full of new crops starting.

  4. Looking good.I went to my plot today for first time in 4weeks and nothing has changed.I harvested parsnips with the push pull method and although small are nicely formed got a few kalettes and leeks and salad leaves.It was a beautiful sunny day and pleasantly warm.I am also planning my sowing and planting for next season.

  5. If all goes to plan, we will be starting our onion seeds today (boxing day). In our case, the timing is necessary to allow long enough for the plants to reach reasonable size before transferring into the garden, probably sometime in late March or early April, depending on the weather.

  6. Those raised beds certainly make weeding easier Sean, looking immaculate now. I guess you don’t have to worry so much about keeping paths weeded so much as they are well away from the growing area.

  7. Good morning, Sean! Winter is finally hitting us for a few days so it is cold and grey outside. But that is okay because I have a warm fire going on inside. The wind is blowing a bit too brisk so I won’t be going out for any weeding today. I did get my seed box out last night and organized it and now to planning what I would like to sow for the coming spring. Have a good evening!

  8. Planning and planting in my head. We got almost a foot of snow here in the Rockies, and my brain is pretty fertile ground right now. I’m planning on parsnips for sure, just so I can try that push-pull method of harvesting. Enjoy your sun, Sean, and keep up the good work on the blogs/blogs. Thanks for all the info…

  9. Hi Sean, I’m here in New Zealand working away in my backyard veg garden battling near drought conditions coupled with water restrictions. So, so grateful that we have water butts and a couple of 1000 liter tanks for the gardens and it rained last night. Yahoo. Your allotment looks awesome and I’m very interested to follow your journey on your new one. Love the raised beds. I did think of doing that but somehow my veg are taking over the whole garden and hubby the ungardener is happy to keep digging more and more areas over for me so I can grow more. Lol. Maybe he just doesn’t want to mow the lawns anymore, not that there’s much left of that. Anyway, all the best for 2018 .

  10. It has been a lovely boxing day, I think my plot day will be Friday as I have a day off. I was thinking of sowing some onions just to have something growing! Sounds like you had very productive day! Hello to Rusty xx

  11. I,m sat here planning my beds too .Had a little weed and tidy up when I harvested my Christmas carrots. Putting down bark chippings on cardboard has meant I can actually walk in between the beds ! Previously that was a no no due to the sodden ground .

  12. I’m supposed to sow onion seed on Boxing Day? Darn it I’m a bit late.

    • Sean James Cameron

      As you’ve written in your own blog, onions can be sown January indoors, in fact they can be sown up until April.

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