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Bonfire event in November

How to use Bonfire Ash

Once the excitement of the annual bonfire is over what do you do with the ash. Allow it to cool down until its cold then scoop into a metal bucket making sure you remove any pieces of metal (nuts/bolts) which may be hiding.

Scatter on the compost pile and mix in. If there is a large amount of ash, store it inside and add it throughout the coming weeks as you build up the compost.

bonfire ash
Let it cool down for a few days before touching.

Slugs and snails don’t like ash so scatter a little around any plants you are trying to save. If it rains, you will need to replace it. Old gardeners also say, I haven’t tried it, to scatter ash when you’ve sown carrots and turnips as it helps to keep the carrot/turnip fly away. Other crops which like wood ash are parsnips, fruit (except blueberries), beans and peas (again old gardeners will tell you it helps to produce a better harvest of peas by improving colour and pod weight).

NOTE: I would only ever use ash which has come from burning wood/branches.

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