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Dig for Victory: Blackberries, Roses and Trees

This afternoon I visited the allotment and started work around the shed. To the left there is an old climbing rose which is out-of-control. It looks like it hasn’t been pruned for many years and inside the structure there is a lot of dead wood. To the right of the shed is a little gathering of trees, all growing out of an old stump.

Both plants are in the wrong place for my designs. This top end of the plot will have a shed, two compost bins, seating area leading onto a seed bed and flower garden with the vegetable plot beyond this.

Keeping in mind my own motto of do a little, but do it often I thought an hour would be enough on this visit, especially with the hot sunshine beating down on my back. There are no tea making facilities in the shed yet so only water was available.

Wartime Kitchen Garden - Dig for Victory. Shed July 2017

Wartime Kitchen Garden - Dig for Victory. Roses and trees cleared by the shed.

Wartime Kitchen Garden - Dig for Victory. Trees cleared by the shed.

Thirty minutes later and the trees joined the rose which by now is pilled high in the middle of the allotment. I will take everything down to the burning plot sometime soon. It’s the responsibility of the plot holder to burn any material dumped on the burning plot. Due to all this hot weather we’ve having recently, I don’t think the neighbours would appreciate a bonfire when all their windows are wide open. Hopefully I can get it burnt on the next dull day.

Wartime Kitchen Garden - Dig for Victory - Two blackberries
The first harvest from the plot, Blackberries

The only crop on my allotment at the moment is a patch of blackberries. I picked all I could find and munched on them as I made my way to the site gate. Picked up a fresh pint of milk as I walked the 10 minute journey home and to a refreshing mug of tea. Beautiful.

VIDEO: To watch unedited raw footage of progress, subscribe on YouTube to: www.youtube.com/digforvictory

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Sean James Cameron
Based in London, Sean has been gardening since being a teenager. Although vegetables and fruit is the main passion, there is also room for flowers.

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