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Dig for Victory: Clearing for a new flower bed

I left it a bit too late getting to the allotment this evening. There were many people tending their plots, apparently Thursday evening is the start of the weekend in these parts.

I met my plot neighbour and a few other plot holders, some well established and others like myself who have only recently taken their plots on.

Beautiful flower bed and shed

This beautiful display is on a nearby allotment and I had the pleasure of speaking to the gardener about their flower designs. I like the way the flowers are co-ordinated and how they work so well with the colour of the shed. This is something I’d like to recreate on my own allotment at some point.

Back on my plot I started clearing a little patch of earth to the left side of the shed. This was the home of the large rose which I removed at the start of the week. I feel that I didn’t get far as the ground is so solid at the moment. You see we haven’t had a really good down pour of rain for about 4 months now. This flower bed won’t stay here for long though, maybe just a season or two, as it will be replaced with two compost bins once I’ve moved the shed to a new location, but first that location needs to be prepared. See a plan of the future plot by clicking here.

Wartime Kitchen Garden: Shed flower bed before clearing started

Wartime Kitchen Garden: Shed flower bed after clearing started

I did as much as I could before the evening light started to fade. Working on the plot at early evening and I realised the need to get the kettle sorted out pretty quickly. Water is good for daytime work during the heatwave but early evening seems empty without a cuppa tea and being sat outside the shed as the sunlight fades on the horizon.

SEAN’S TOP TIPS: Heavy verses Light Days – Don’t try to push yourself too hard. Gardening is meant to be fun, relaxing and rewarding. Follow a hard working day with something light like weeding or simply enjoying the space with refreshments and relaxation.

On Sunday morning the site superintendent is due to call around. It’s once a month to make sure everyone is tending their plots. Those who aren’t get a ‘dirty letter’ and requested to make improvements before the next inspection. I think I’ve done enough to please them.

About Sean James Cameron

Sean James Cameron
Based in London, Sean has been gardening since being a teenager. Although vegetables and fruit is the main passion, there is also room for flowers.

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