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UK’s First Allotment YouTuber to Give Up Her Plot

YouTube veteran Claire Burgess has made the unexpected announcement that she is giving up her allotment after 11 years.

“After 11 years on my allotment it is time to bid it fair well. I’ve learnt so much, made some fantastic friends and I hope you have enjoyed coming along with me on my allotment journey?

In the final allotment video, an emotional Claire explains that her family are moving out of the area and will continue her gardening videos but from her new home and garden.

“We’re moving house soon (a distance away) and therefore I am moving out of the borough, so will no longer be allowed to have my allotment. But don’t panic, at our new place we have a good sized garden, and Mark and the kids have given me permission to do with it as I please. So raised beds here we come. As Arnold Schwarzenegger says “I’ll be back!””

Launched on October 6, 2007 it was the first UK allotment channel with hints and tips on how to start and run an allotment. Over the past few years Claire has turned her hand to writing about gardening with children and is now a published author.

When I was initially told that Claire was giving up her allotment I asked if it was an early April Fool joke but no, it’s true.

Back in the very early days when I entered the YouTube space there was only Dan in Yorkshire and Claire in South-East England making videos. I’ve met and worked with Claire on many occasions and she starred in my television series on Sky.

It truly is a sad day when one of the original YouTube gardeners makes an announcement like this, the end of an era. I wish Claire and her family all the best for the future and their new life and look forward to seeing their adventure unfold in the new home garden.
– Sean James Cameron

YouTube Gardening History:
Claire’s Allotment launched 6 Oct 2007
Allotment Diary launched 11 Apr 2009
Sean James Cameron launched 29 Aug 2012

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